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The SItuation

The PonyApp is a startup founded by Olympic medalist Lucy Davis and Stanford teammate Lindsey Douglass. They had a mission to bring something new to market that would streamline the interactions that happen every day in the equestrian industry. We worked with them to develop a fully fleshed-out brand, ready to hit the ground running.


User Insights

Their initial target audience included any member of the barn, from owner to rider to service provider. However, post launch, their users started to skew towards younger females who began using the app as a equine-focused social media platform.


The Solution

In a market that’s more focused on heritage than modernity, The PonyApp stands out with a clean, modern design system. We focused on an agile brand that could easily evolve. 

As the user behavior started to deviate from the initial product vision, we created a long-term product roadmap that optimized actual users behavior with client business drivers. Additional features continue to be rolled out across their multi-platform applications that remain fun and useful.



Today is February 22. This user has 2 horses.

They will view their Whiteboard, looking at Activities. Then, they will log a new event.

After searching for an existing event and clicking on the calendar, they will hit the paywall.